Disha Patani Hot Photos or Images: Top Bold and Bikini pics of Disha Patani

The ‘Bharat’ actress recently posted two fresh stills from the Salman Khan starrer which reveal her on-screen character in the film. She plays a girl named Radha in the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial who is a trapeze artist in a circus.

The yellow sari was first made famous by Raveena Tandon when she wore it in the song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani‘ in Mohra. Raveena’s sari had a pallu and she used it to great sensual effect making the number popular even today. Then Katrina Kaif wore something similar for a song and made some changes which made the pallu look like a twisted rope on her back. Now, there is Disha Patani who completed the transformation and made it look like a real rope.

First let us look at Raveena Tandon in Mohra who danced into our hearts wearing a sensual yellow saree. Here is the song, ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani.’

Here is the song:

Then it was Katrina Kaif nearly two decades later when she wore the same sari in the film De Dana Dan (starring Akshay Kumar). There we noticed that though it the same sari, the pallu had grown much flimsier. The back of the sari, had a strange of way of the pallu being tied.

But now the Disha Patani song in Bharat has taken it to another level.

Here is the ‘Slow Motion‘ song from Bharat.

News agency IANS reports that award-winning textile designer Gaurang Shah blamed the song for ‘diluting the essence of a sari.’ He told the agency that reinvention is a choice but one should not play with the ‘fundamental essence’ of a sari that made it a loved piece for people across generations. He was quoted saying, “It is a celebration of our cultural legacy and heritage. A sari is a sari. You must drape it in a manner that retains its magnificent character.”

Another designer, Varija Bajaj called Disha’s choice of outfit a ‘poor rendition’ of reinventing a sari. She said the designers across the world keep trying to transform it into gowns, lehengas and even sari with jeans, however, Disha’s way of carrying it look absolutely lacklustre. She added that ‘there’s a thin line between a beautiful reinvention and tragic disaster’ and a poorly transformed sari not just kills its essence but also undermines its feminist appeal.

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However, designer Ritu Kumar mentioned to IANS there’s no ‘norm’ to wearing a sari and there has never been. In her statement, she said that a sari is the most ‘provocative’ piece of clothing that’s worn in various styles across the world. She added that a sari cannot be standardised and it always depends on the person wearing it how she wants to drape it.

Do you agree that Disha Patani shoul

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